Are You An Athlete? Discover These 5 Benefits of Therapeutic Massage

November 15th, 2021
Are You An Athlete? Discover These 5 Benefits of Therapeutic Massage

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When you’re an athlete, it comes as no surprise to you that if you want to continue playing the game you enjoy, it is important to preserve optimal health.

Seeing a physiotherapist is a big factor in this, particularly if you have been injured and are in the healing process. Effective courses of treatment after injury includes targeted therapeutic massage.

According to the Mayo Clinic, “Massage is generally considered part of complementary and integrative medicine. It’s increasingly being offered along with standard treatment for a wide range of medical conditions and situations.”

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It is important to take care of your health!

In certain cases, coping with acute or chronic sports injuries can be both stressful and severely disabling. No matter what sort of injury you have experienced, our physiotherapists may be able to help you make a speedy recovery.

Your body needs to be in the optimum shape at all times when you’re an athlete. You want to be able to compete at the highest levels! This means that if you get injured, seeing a physiotherapist for a recovery plan is a good idea.

It also means that you need to recognize the importance of maintaining your health. It is very easy to obtain a therapeutic massage once or twice a month, and it will actually help you feel your very best. The outcome is that with every game you’ll be able to perform your best!

Below are five of the best therapeutic massage benefits athletes can receive:

1. Relaxed muscles

Muscle pain, tightness and pain are all things you foresee as an athlete. Although muscle relief is the best known advantage of massage, it takes on a whole new significance for an athletic individual.

The good news is that you can reduce these problems substantially with routine therapeutic massage. Even after you have completed a physiotherapy program following an injury, you can benefit from frequent massages from your physiotherapist.

Continuing physiotherapy will only help you in the long run and prevent your muscles from locking up.

2. Scar tissue relief

When you are injured, your body will form adhesions—strong scar tissue bands—around the injury.

These adhesions will gradually limit your mobility, result in increased inflammation and discomfort, and can hinder your recovery if left untreated. Fortunately, massage methods of your physiotherapist can treat these adhesions very effectively.

A licensed therapist may use special techniques that target and break up adhesions. This will relax and unbind the muscles as a result.

Massage is a very significant component of the physiotherapy program, because it is important to remain adhesion-free in order to alleviate discomfort and regain proper range of motion.

3. Increased blood flow circulation

Better circulation ensures that the muscles have adequate blood supply to avoid stiffness and tension.

After a therapeutic massage, the muscles will work and feel better.

4. Improved posture

Therapeutic massage helps to align the body properly. When paired with other forms of physiotherapy, massage will seriously improve your posture.

Better posture has many advantages for athletes, and if you have good posture, the body will move and work at its optimal levels all the time.

This ensures that you have a natural advantage when playing your favorite sport (which may mean more wins for your team!)

5. Enhanced immune system

Getting sick can cause an athlete to take a serious toll. Even a cold or flu case will hold you on the bench for weeks, not to mention that you’ll probably perform at less than 100 percent for a while afterwards.

Physiotherapy massage can help improve the natural defenses of your immune system. When you receive a massage, your body will begin to improve its “natural cytotoxic capacity.”

This means that you will be better equipped to protect against dangerous bacteria, germs, and diseases, which in turn will make you sick less frequently!

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If you are looking for safe, efficient and non-invasive medical options for pain and sports injuries, or if you just want to boost your sport performance, call our clinic to get started with an experienced physiotherapist.

Your therapist will analyze your condition, look at your medical history, determine the cause of your pain, and be able to develop a completely personalized recovery plan with massages and tailored exercises to help you get back on your feet and in the game.

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